The Methods and Precautions of Using Fully Automatic Coffee Machines

The Methods and Precautions of Using Fully Automatic Coffee Machines


Although the operation of the fully automatic coffee machine is simple, we still need to pay attention to some matters during use. This article will specifically introduce the use and precautions of the fully automatic coffee machine.

the use and precautions of the fully automatic coffee machine

A fully automatic coffee machine refers to a machine that can make a cup of coffee just by pressing a button and realizes the automation of the whole process from the coffee bean grinding to hot water brewing coffee. Although the operation of the fully automatic coffee machine is simple, in order to ensure the normal use of the machine, we still need to pay attention to the following matters during use.


1. To make coffee, you must first connect to the power supply, and the coffee machine must be connected to the A/C socket. The operating voltage must be consistent with the specified voltage indicated on the machine package. It is strictly forbidden to use a defective power cord. After plugging in the power supply, turn on the power switch of the coffee machine.

2. Remove the lid of the bean box, and put an appropriate amount of coffee beans into the bean box (the bean box capacity of most automatic coffee machines does not exceed 400G), and fill it up to 80% full.

3. Remove the water tank from the machine, take off the water tank cover, and fill in about 3/4 of the volume of clean water. The valve at the bottom of the water tank is used to drain the water out. When putting the water tank back into the machine, lightly press the water tank against the valve that can open automatically, and then close the water tank cover.

4. After completing the above preparations, you can make coffee. Generally, there are several function buttons on the body of the automatic coffee machine: "small cup", "large cup", hot water/steam, coffee powder, etc., some do not The powder button is used because it does not have a device for powdered grains, and it only means that only coffee beans can be used.

There are also buttons for setting the amount of coffee powder, setting the amount of coffee water (concentration), double cups, etc. The specific buttons vary from machine to machine. If you need a big cup of coffee, press the big button, and if you want a small cup, press the small button. Therefore, the automatic coffee machine is very simple to make coffee, and there is no need for excessive manual operations at all, as long as the basic conditions for making coffee are met.

5. If you need to make fancy coffee, you need to make a cup of espresso (ESPRESSO) in advance, and then use an etched steel cup to fill 1/3-1/2 full-fat milk, so that the steam pipe just touches the surface of the milk. The inner wall of the cup is about one finger away. Turn on the steam switch. When the milk froth is about to fill the cup, turn off the steam before removing the milk cup.

At this time, the right-hand holds the etched steel cup, the left-hand holds the espresso and slowly pours the milk froth into the fresh espresso. Such a cup of fragrant coffee is ready, so whether it is at home or in the office, a fully automatic coffee machine is your best choice.


1. Before using the coffee machine, pay attention to check whether the boiler pressure indicator reaches the green zone and whether there is enough water to avoid damage caused by dry burning.

2. When using the coffee machine, do not touch the coffee pot with your hands, and do not expose your hands near the steam wand or hot water outlet to avoid burns.

3. In order to prevent unnecessary dangers caused by overheating of the coffee machine, it is best not to block the ventilation inlet with foreign objects, as is the ventilation outlet.

4. If you don't use the coffee machine for a long time, you should clean it and store it well to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating on the body of the kettle and allowing a large number of bacteria to grow.

5. Do not leave the coffee grounds on the edge of the filter cup, so as not to affect the steaming effect of the coffee machine. At the same time, do not let air enter during the steaming process to avoid damage to the gasket due to high pressure.

6. The coffee machine needs to be descaled regularly. If it is used frequently, descale it 5 times a year. If it is not used frequently, descale it once every six months.

7. Never use the coffee machine when the water is cut off, so as to prevent the coffee machine from drying out, damage to the internal parts, and malfunction.

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