Types and Purchase Points of Electric Coffee Kettles

Types and Purchase Points of Electric Coffee Kettles


For coffee lovers, choosing a suitable coffee maker is very important. Today, let’s talk about the types and purchase points of electric coffee kettles.

 the types and purchasing points of electric coffee kettles

For coffee lovers, choosing a suitable coffee appliance is very important. There are so many types of electric coffee kettles on the market now, which makes it more difficult for many new users to choose. We hope you can choose products that meet your needs by understanding the types and purchasing points of electric coffee kettles below.

Types of electric coffee kettles

Common electric coffee kettles include French press pots, Moka pots, siphon pots, drip pots, and so on. Coffee made with an electric coffee kettle has a relatively low concentration, relatively low acidity, and a relatively light taste, which can usually be drunk directly.

1. Strictly speaking, there are three types of electric coffee kettles: percolation type, drip type, and vacuum type. 

The percolation coffee maker is an early product of the electric coffee maker. The price is low, but it is not convenient to use and the reliability is poor; the coffee brewed by the vacuum electric coffee maker has a strong taste, but its structure is a very complicated and easy malfunction. Later, the electric coffee maker basically only left the drip type.

The use of the American drip coffee maker is simple, efficient, and reliable, which is very suitable for home or office use.

2. The French press pot uses the soaking method to release the essence of coffee. The operation method is also simple, convenient and fast, very easy to master, suitable for home or office use. The flavor of the single-origin coffee brewed by the stew can be better reflected. Those who don't like coffee filter paper can consider this kind of pot.

2. The operation method of the hand-punched filter cup is also simple, convenient, and fast. The complete set of equipment generally includes a hand-punched pot, filter paper, filter cup, and cone-shaped pot, which can perfectly reflect the flavor characteristics of coffee, and is suitable for people who have very high requirements on the taste of coffee.

However, if you are not proficient in the thickness of coffee powder, water temperature, techniques, etc., it is not recommended to use this type of coffee maker.

4. The siphon coffee maker is suitable for slightly sour, medium-bodied coffee, and the grinding effect is slightly coarser than powdered, close to special granulated sugar. The coffee brewed by the siphon electric coffee kettle can perfectly extract the aroma of the coffee, which is a favorite method of many coffee lovers.

5. Moka pot is a tool used to extract espresso coffee. It is divided into upper and lower parts. Water is placed in the lower part. After boiling, steam pressure will be generated. The boiling water will rise through the upper part of the filter pot containing coffee powder. Turn the fire down when it reaches the upper part because if the temperature is too high, the coffee will taste burnt.

The operation of this coffee maker is relatively simple and convenient, and the coffee made has a mellow taste and slightly bitter taste, which is suitable for friends who like espresso.

Points for buying electric coffee kettles

1. In terms of specifications, the power of the household electric coffee kettle is less than 1000 watts, and the capacity can be selected between 0.5-0.8L. This specification electric coffee kettle can make 4-8 cups of coffee. If the demand for coffee is relatively large, you can also choose a slightly larger capacity, but it is best not to exceed 1.5L.

3. When choosing a coffee maker, pay attention to the appearance quality. No matter what kind of electric coffee kettle, the exterior should be color-coordinated and well-made. If there are broken or rough parts, it is not recommended to buy. In addition, be sure to check whether the bottom of the pot is leaking, this is the most basic requirement.

3. Since many coffee makers use pressure to work, safety is very important. When buying, be sure to choose products with guaranteed quality to avoid danger.

4. Those who like drip coffee are suitable for hand-punching, siphoning, and French press pots. The coffee tasted by these pots is lighter. Those who like espresso coffee are suitable for the Moka pot, the taste of this type of coffee is often very mellow.

5. If you are a novice and are unfamiliar with coffee making, it is recommended to use American drip pots, French press pots, and Moka pots. If you are very familiar with coffee-making skills, you can purchase hand-made pots and siphon pots.

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