How to Choose a Coffee Grinder?

How to Choose a Coffee Grinder?


To make a cup of full-bodied coffee, a coffee grinder is an indispensable tool. This article will specifically introduce the factors to be considered when choosing a coffee grinder.

the factors to be considered when choosing a coffee grinder

A coffee grinder is a grinding tool that cuts and grinds coffee beans into coffee powder when the motor drives the mechanical knife to rotate rapidly. When choosing a coffee grinder, consider the following factors, which may help you make a better choice.

1. The way to adjust the degree of grinding

See if you can easily operate the machine, and by the way, you can check the flexibility of related parts. For example, most manual grinders change the grinding degree by adjusting the nut. At this time, you can check whether the small parts such as the fixed nut can be easily rotated.

2. The maximum grinding capacity of the grinder

This is mainly considering the frequency and amount of coffee you usually drink. For example, if you always like to make coffee to entertain friends, then some models with a powder box capacity of only one or twenty grams are definitely not suitable for you. If you only drink coffee occasionally, then a grinding machine with a small powder box capacity is enough.

3. The degree of effort during grinding

This factor can be considered in conjunction with the "maximum grinding capacity". For example, if you want to make a large amount of coffee, a small grinding capacity machine will allow you to operate over and over again, and it will not achieve the effect of saving time and effort. And when we turn the handle, we can feel whether the resistance is large. If you need more effort to grind smoothly, then it is not recommended.

4. The shape of the powder bin

The shape of the powder bin determines whether you can pour out the coffee powder easily. You can consider the common square wooden drawer powder bin and the cylindrical powder bin, which can make you pour out the coffee powder smoothly.

6. The material of the grinder

The materials used to make the grinder include metal, ceramics, wood, etc. When purchasing, consider it because the ability of various materials to absorb coffee grease and loose powder must be different.

In addition, the cleaning method will definitely be different depending on the material. For example, the wooden powder bin that has been used for a long time is different from the metal powder bin. Coffee beans or coffee powder have a strong ability to absorb flavors, so we need a clean coffee grinder regularly.

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