4 Tips for Maintaining a Water Filter

4 Tips for Maintaining a Water Filter


If you don't properly clean and maintain the water filter, it will affect its water purification effect and shorten its service life. Let's learn about four tips for maintaining water filters.

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In order to obtain safer and healthier water quality, many families will now install water filters. After a long time of use, there will be more and more impurities in the water. If the following cleaning and maintenance are performed on it from time to time, it will affect the service life of the water filter.

Replace the filter element in time according to the instructions

The process of purifying tap water itself is to intercept harmful substances by the filter element of the water filter. Since the water filter element has the function of intercepting harmful substances, there must be a process of accumulation of harmful substances. When the harmful substances accumulate to a certain extent, they will block the filter holes, causing the water flow to decrease and even polluting the water.

In order to allow you and your family to truly drink healthy water, we suggest that you must change the filter element frequently, and increase or decrease the replacement time appropriately according to the number of users and your local water quality.

Avoid direct sunlight to the water filter

Generally, electrical equipment should be kept away from direct sunlight, and water filters are no exception. Direct sunlight not only shortens the life of the water filter but also breeds cyanobacteria, which are harmful to the human body. We recommend that you must properly protect the water purifier. If it must be placed on a balcony or other places where there may be direct sunlight, it is recommended to build a shade cover or baffle near the water filter, which will play a certain protective role.

Avoid high-temperature heat sources

Most of the water filter is made of plastic, and the plastic is too close to the high-temperature heat source to shorten the service life. If the water filter is too close to the heat source, long-term baking will affect the life of the plastic parts. Therefore, place the water filter in a cool and dry place to prevent the high temperatures from damaging the material of the water filter.

Frequent cleaning and maintenance

After using the water filter for a period of time, it can be cleaned frequently, which is very necessary for the health of the water and the protection of the water purifier. Place the water filter in a clean basin and unscrew the upper and lower parts of the filter element. After the upper round cover is opened, there are two layers of non-woven cotton cloth. Use a new toothbrush to gently clean it in water.

Unscrew the lower plastic cover, there are also two layers of non-woven cotton cloth inside. Gently place it in the water and brush it clean. Then put the filter element in the water and shake it up and down a few times. Finally, rinse each accessory of the water purifier with water and install it as it is. If you are out for a long time, you can close the water inlet valve and unplug the water filter.

Only by using the above-mentioned methods of correct maintenance of the water filter, the water filter can play a real water purification function and protect the water health of you and your family. If you want to learn more about water filters after reading the above, you can get a comprehensive solution by contacting us.

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