The Guide for Selecting Fully Automatic Espresso Machines

The Guide for Selecting Fully Automatic Espresso Machines


The fully automatic espresso machine provides great convenience in ensuring the taste of coffee. This article will specifically introduce the selection guide for fully automatic espresso machines.

the selection guide for choosing a fully automatic espresso machine

The fully automatic espresso machine can reduce the coffee making time and is very convenient to operate. The high-end functions and design also ensure the taste of coffee on the basis of providing convenience. The following is the selection guide for choosing a fully automatic espresso machine.

1. Capacity

Regarding the choice of espresso machine capacity, it mainly depends on the heating method: heat exchange or multiple boilers.

Heat exchange coffee machine

The heat exchange coffee machine has only one steam boiler, and the outside of the boiler is surrounded by copper pipes, which are called "heat exchangers". As the name implies, the water absorbs the heat released by the steam boiler through the heat exchanger, and then enters the head group to brew coffee. 

The heat exchange coffee machine is suitable for restaurants, offices, or small coffee shops, especially for consumption places where the cup output is stable throughout the day and there is no obvious peak period. 

Most of the heat exchange coffee machines are small in size because there is only one boiler in the machine, which is indeed a good choice from the perspective of saving space.

Multi-boiler coffee machine

Multi-boiler coffee machines have at least two built-in boilers. The larger boiler has a higher temperature and is used to produce steam; the other has a lower temperature and is used to make coffee machines (some coffee machines even realize one head group corresponds to a separate boiler). 

The advantage of a multi-boiler coffee machine is that you can directly control the temperature of the water used for brewing coffee. This kind of machine has better constant temperature performance, the temperature of the first group is not affected by the steam boiler, and the taste and quality of coffee are more stable.

2. Current and voltage

When choosing a coffee machine, remember to check the current and voltage standards. Basically, the more functions the coffee machine has, the more power it needs. The current of the heat exchange coffee machine is usually between 15-25A, depending on the number of head groups. Multi-boiler coffee machines require up to 40A of current.

3. Head group

You need to carefully consider how many headsets you need. The common choice is two-head or three-head because two-head and three-head are enough to meet the needs of most coffee shops.

In general, the double-head coffee machine is suitable for making 20kg of coffee a week. If it exceeds 20kg, it is recommended to use a three-head coffee machine, which can make up to 100kg of coffee a week.

4. Workflow and degree of automation

Volume measurement

One of the most basic forms of automation is "volume measurement". Many coffee machines are equipped with touch-screen controllers, you can set different coffee powder dosages according to different grind levels. The volume measurement is mainly realized by a flow meter, and the water volume can be set in advance to ensure that the water output is the same every time the brewing button is pressed.

Weight measurement

The next step in automation is "weight measurement". Some coffee machines add an electronic scale to the wastewater tray, which means you can adjust the brewing parameters based on weight, not volume. Weight measurement can make the amount of coffee powder more accurate so that the taste is more stable.

Automatic brewing ratio

Through this system, you can preset the brewing ratio (for example, 1:2), and then measure the powder weight in the handle (for example, 20g) through the electronic scale that comes with the coffee machine, and the coffee machine will automatically discharge water according to the ratio (for example, automatically set Set the cup size to 40g and ensure that the ratio is 1:2).

Other functions

The automatic cleaning system and night energy saving mode are other useful features that can save time, money, and energy consumption. The night mode will automatically reduce the boiler temperature to ensure that the coffee machine will not completely lose temperature after stopping use for one night, thereby saving energy consumption and ensuring that the coffee machine will heat up faster the next morning.

Ergonomic design is also very important. The barista needs to stand behind the coffee machine for several hours every day. Whether the coffee machine is smooth and comfortable to use is extremely important to protect the health of the barista. For example, push-pull steam switches can reduce wrist fatigue better than traditional knobs.

On this basis, you can also pursue the automatic pressure curve function. The coffee machine with this function can increase or decrease the pressure as needed during the coffee brewing process so that you can better control the taste of the coffee. Some coffee machines can also memorize the set pressure curve, so as to ensure the stable quality of each cup of coffee.

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