Coffee machines cleaning and maintenance

Coffee machines cleaning and maintenance


Is the coffee machines expensive? expensive! ! ! Is it expensive to repair the coffee machines? expensive! ! ! Then please read this article carefully and learn how to do a good job of cleaning and maintenance, which not only saves money, but also guarantees coffee production!

Many people like to drink coffee, it tastes delicious and refreshing. More and more friends choose to buy coffee machines so that they can taste freshly ground coffee even at home. So how to clean and maintain the coffee machines, let me introduce you in detail below.


Cleaning work after each coffee making

1. The water outlet of the brewing head:

After each production is completed, remove the handle to buckle off the coffee grounds cake, and press the button to flush down the coffee grounds remaining in the brewing head and the water divider, then insert the handle into the socket, and shake the handle left and right to rinse the brewing The head cushion and the coffee grounds inside the brewing head.


2. Steam wand:

After using the steam wand to make milk foam, wipe the steam wand with a clean damp cloth and turn on the steam switch again to clean the remaining milk dirt in the steam hole with the momentum of the steam jet to keep the steam hole clean and unblocked.


Daily cleaning and maintenance work

1. Powder bowl and handle:

Rinse the handle with hot water at least once a day to dissolve the remaining coffee grease and sediment on the handle, and scrub it and wipe it clean, so as to prevent part of the grease and sediment from flowing into the coffee during the cooking process and affecting the coffee quality.


2. Drainage channel:

After removing the drain pan, use a damp cloth to remove the sediment in the drain trough, and then rinse with hot water to keep the drain pipe unobstructed. If the drainage is poor, pour a small spoonful of cleaning powder into the drain trough with hot water Rinse to dissolve the coffee residue oil in the drain pipe.


Weekly cleaning and maintenance work

1. Water outlet:

Remove the water-distributing net and other accessories in the water outlet to soak, then rinse all the coffee oil residues and blockages on the accessories with clean water, and wipe with a clean soft wet cloth.


2. Powder bowl and handle:

Disassemble the handle and soak it in the cleaning solution to dissolve the remaining coffee oil residue, rinse all the accessories with clean water, and scrub with a clean soft wet cloth.


Monthly and quarterly cleaning and maintenance work

1. Water purifier:

Inspect and replace the first and second water purifier filter elements. It is recommended to check once a month and replace as appropriate.


2. Inside the coffee machines:

Disassemble the coffee machines, thoroughly descale and clean the coffee machines pipeline, water inlet solenoid valve, boiler cavity, heating rod, temperature probe, water level sensor and other components. For these contents, it is recommended to seek the help of a professional engineer.


In addition, when cleaning the coffee machines, it must be used in strict accordance with the prescribed dosage, because these cleaning agents are corrosive to a certain degree, and excessively large dosages will also cause certain corrosion inside the coffee machines. If you want to know more about the cleaning and maintenance of the coffee machines after reading the above content, you can contact us for a more comprehensive solution.


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